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Mixtape Master 2.0
By DJ Primetyme

I designed Mixtape Master to help you achieve the perfect mix between dynamics and loudness. I personally use this on my own DJ mixes and has been a huge time saver. Simply drop Mixtape Master on your DJ mix and voilá, you're set.



How It Works


Record your mix using Serato DJ's built-in record mix function. Once your mix is finished, name and save your mix.


Drag and drop your mix into Ableton Live. Add Mixtape Master to your track and select one of the three presets. 


Once you export your mix, it's ready to be uploaded to your favorite platform for streaming and sharing. 

DJ Supertyyli

"Since I discovered it, I've applied Mixtape Master on pretty much every DJ mix I've done."

Save Time

Designed for multi-genre use, Mixtape Master bridges rich dynamics with commercial loudness. Save time by mastering your DJ mixes in less than five minutes. Professional mastering made easy!

Grey Limbo
System Requirements
Ableton Effect Racks*

Compatible with Ableton Live

Standard and Suite editions

Ableton Live 10.1

Ableton Live 11


Audio Effect Rack


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