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Mixtape Master
By DJ Primetyme

Designed for multi-genre use, Mixtape Master bridges rich dynamics with commercial loudness. Professional mixing made easy, save time by mastering your DJ mixes in less than 5 minutes.



How It Works


By copying my blueprint, you can create your mix in Ableton or mix it live by using Serato's built-in record function.


Master your track in minutes using my custom presets. Each preset bonds the perfect mix of dynamics and commercial loudness.  

Mixtape Master - MM2.1 - Rack SS.png

Once you export your mix, it's ready to be uploaded to your favorite platform for streaming and sharing. 

DJ Supertyyli

"Since I discovered it, I've applied Mixtape Master on pretty much every DJ mix I've done."

Save Time

I designed Mixtape Master to help you achieve the perfect mix of dynamics and loudness. I use this on my DJ mixes and has been a huge time saver. Simply drop Mixtape Master on your DJ mix and voilá, you're set.

Grey Limbo
System Requirements
Ableton Effect Racks*

Compatible with Ableton Live

Standard and Suite editions

Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 12 (Beta)


Audio Effect Rack


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